What is WhyMath?

WhyMath is a new teaching method of Mathematics for students aged from 6 to 13 years old. Key feature of WhyMath’s teaching method is that mathematical concepts are taught in interactive and experiential way through virtual manipulatives.

Students discover and build mathematics! Through innovative educational tasks and virtual games students realize that Mathematics has LIFE and BODY and can be applied in all aspects of their daily life.

In WhyMath we believe that the first contact of elementary students with the basic concepts of mathematics should be achieved through experiential way, in order for students to deeply understand what they learn and mostly WHY they learn it. 

In addition, in WhyMath we use educational manipulatives to represent mathematical concepts. In that way we give physical even in the more abstract mathematical concepts.

Online Workshops

WhyMath is adapting to current educational needs and provides the possibility of online workshops. Students without losing valuable time in transportation, they can attend the online workshops from home. The workshops are interactive and focus on developing problem solving skills.

Through special designed educational activities, students interact with virtual manipulatives and deeply understand what they have been taught.

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